More about us

Darling Romery is a family-owned business established in November 1991 on Alexanderfontein, a farm near Darling in the Western Cape.

Today, our raw milk is supplied by farmers from Darling, Malmesbury, Porterville and Vredenburg, with products distributed throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Central Region and even as far as Gauteng.

The process


A little blue flower

Gladiolus carinatus, more commonly known as “blou pypie”, is a flower that holds a special place in our hearts – and our logo as a result. Being endemic to our area, the “blou pypie” was found on our family’s original farm and also grows on Alexanderfontein where Darling Romery started. As such, it is something we grew up with and consider as a central part of our identity as a business and family.


By nature, the “blou pypie” tends to grow alone, which to us symbolises our family’s history of not simply following trends, but rather trying something different.

Our values